Pedal Dustbin 3lt.
CK 9000-3
Pedal Dustbin 5lt.
CK 9000-5
Pedal Dustbin 12lt.
CK 9000-12
Pedal Dustbin 16lt.
CK 9000-16
Pedal Dustbin Square 3lt.
CK 9064-3
Pedal Dustbin Square 6lt.
CK 9064-6
Pedal Dustbin Square 12lt.
CK 9064-12
Luxury Dustbin
CK 9008
Manual Dustbin
CK 8094
Pedal Dustbin 20lt.
CK 9060-20
Pedal Dustbin 30lt
CK 9060-30
Pedal Dustbin 40lt.
CK 9060-40
Industrial Dustbin 40lt.
CK 8056-40
Industrial Dustbin 50lt.
CK 8056-50
Industrial Dustbin 70lt.
CK 8056-70
Swing Lid Dustbin (Small)
CK 9004-K
Swing Lid Dustbin (Medium)
CK 9004-O
Swing Lid Dustbin (Large)
CK 9004-O
Open Dustbin 3lt.
CK 9002-3
Open Dustbin 5lt.
CK 9002-5
Open dustbin 12lt.
CK 9002-12
Open Dustbin with Ring 3lt.
CK 8080-3
Open Dustbin with Ring 5lt.
CK 8080-5
Open Dustbin with Square Holes 5lt.
CK 8090
Open Dustbin with Ring and Square Holes 5lt.
CK 8081
Wall Mount Dustbin with Holes
CK 9010
Ashtray Dustbin
CK 9006
Square Dustbin with Ring
CK 9050
Swing Lid Dustbin
CK 8060-15
Swing Lid Dustbin
CK 8060-25
Swing Lid Dustbin
CK 8060-38
Fireproof Dustbin 5lt.
CK 8030
Fireproof Dustbin 7lt.